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We offer a wide variety of dog training programs including puppy training, obedience training, separation anxiety training and more!

Our Services

Bold K9 Solutions offers a wide range of training programs for dogs of all ages and temperaments, as well as overnight and extended boarding.

Types of Training Sessions

1:1 Sessions

1:1 sessions provide you the opportunity to meet individually with a trainer. During these sessions the trainer will come to your house, meet you out in the community, or may have you meet them at our facility, based on what training is to be accomplished. 1:1 sessions offer many benefits, including receiving individualized attention from the trainer, you learn from the trainer how to train your dog, training occurs within your home where specific problems related to that environment may be addressed, you learn how to control your dog while in public, and you get to assist with guiding the training session. 

Group Sessions

In group sessions, you work with your dog through the guidance of a trainer within a group of other dog owners with their dogs. This setting provides the opportunity for you and your dog to practice obedience and leash walking in a heavily distracted environment. By doing so, your dog will learn to maintain their basic obedience training with multiple other dogs present. This is also a good opportunity for those who have a service dog or therapy dog to practice their dog’s skills in a heavily distracting environment. For those who have completed training and want a source to maintain the training, this is a good option. Times and locations for group sessions vary month by month. Contact us for information on when and where we are currently holding group sessions.

Drop and Train

Our Drop and Train program is the best of both worlds. Here we combine aspects from in-home sessions and Board and Trains offering a unique training that best fits your crazy schedule. This program was designed for those who don’t have the time or desire to do in-home sessions, but also don’t want to ship their dog off for weeks for a Board and Train. With our Drop and Train program, you receive similar results to our 2 week board and train program, without the cost and your dog will be home with you every night. Once a week drop your dog off to us in the morning, we will train throughout the day, and pick up on your way home. At each pick up you will receive a 15 minute mini session to go over homework and what was trained that day. Doing the homework helps to transfer the training from our location and trainers to you and your home.

Board and Train

Doing a Board and Train is the easiest, quickest, and most effective form of training. Depending on the extent of training that is needed, your dog will come and stay at our facilities for 2-4 weeks, receiving both 1:1 and group training. During Board and Trains our trainers work individually with your dog, bring them to group, take them to sessions with other clients, and out into the community. This ensures that training transfers to all environments as well as allows your dog to practice training with any and all distractions. Board and Trains are the most effective form of training as the training occurs on a daily basis, with multiple trainers, ensuring success. At the end of the Board and Train one of our trainers will do a few in home sessions or virtual sessions with you to ensure the training transfers from us to you.

Types of Training Services

Puppy Training

Scent Training

Aggression Targeting Training

Service Dog Training

Therapy and Emotional Support Training

Obedience Training

Separation Anxiety Training

A well-trained dog is a happy dog. Please contact Bold K9 Solutions today for more information about our several training programs!