Bold K9 Solutions Pricing

We maintain high comfort and sanitation standards for your dog in order to enjoy the most comfortable stay in our kennel!

We’re looking forward to accommodating your dog here at Bold K9 Solutions! We would like their stay to be as stress-free as possible – for you and your dog at an affordable price.

 (Pricing is based on training for a single dog, price for additional dogs is 30% off the normal rate for 1:1 sessions)

1:1 Sessions

Prices vary based on the intensity of training and experience of the trainer.

$120-$200 per session when scheduled individually

$420 – $720

Get to the Basics

Recommended for gaining basic obedience with your dog (sit, down, stay, and loose leash walking) Includes up to 4 in home sessions.

$500 – $960

Set the Foundation

Recommended for gaining moderate obedience, basic in house manners (not jumping on people), and meeting other dogs appropriately. Includes up to 6 sessions

$785 – $1500

See the Breakthrough

Recommended for advanced obedience (ex: walking off leash, unsupervised obedience in the house), advanced in house manners (not barking at the door) Includes up to 10 sessions:
Includes up to 10 sessions
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$330 – $417

per month for 6 months

$1980 – $2500

Be the Expert

Recommended for therapy/service training, scent training, hunting training, aggression training, or any targeted training.
Includes up to 24 sessions
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Group Sessions

At your first group session we will complete an assessment to help determine which class your dog should be in. Your dog will advance through the classes at their own rate, based on their own success. At the passing of each class your dog will receive a certificate of achievement.

Pricing is $35 per class or $70 monthly subscription (unlimited access)






Learning the 3 foundations that make a “good” dog; environmentals, socialization, and attention span. Your dog will learn how to stay calm in a chaotic environment, meet new animals/people appropriately, and focus on you and the commands you give without seeking your attention through inappropriate behaviors






Mastering obedience. Your dog will learn to follow any/all obedience commands they are given through reinforcement. Beginning with immediate reinforcement, your dog will progress to delayed reinforcement and by the end, intermittent reinforcement. This will help your dog to successfully follow commands for longer periods of time without any needed reinforcement.






Once your dog is a master at environmentals, socialization, focus, and obedience, you can choose from a range of clubs to join, such as agility, tricks, complex behavior, and scent. In each of these clubs we push your dog to their limits and give them a place to focus their energy. Clubs are a great experience for dogs where they can have an outlet and expand on their natural instincts in a fun and progressive way.

Drop and Train


per day

Drop and Train Program

Drop and Train is a great program for those who don’t have the time/desire to do in-home sessions or don’t want to have their dog gone for weeks for a board and train. In our drop and train program you receive similar results to the 2 week board and train without the cost. Simply drop your dog off before work, we will train with it throughout the day, and pick up on your way home. We include a 15 minute mini session with you at pick up to go over what was trained on that day as well as cover homework for you to do with your dog before the next session. Doing the homework helps to ensure the training transfers from our location/trainers to you and your home.

Board and Train Programs

(price is based on a single dog)


2 weeks

At the end of the 2 week board and train you will see your dog become much calmer and attentive. Your dog will achieve sit, down, stay, place, loose leash walking, off leash walking, and appropriate greeting manners with other dogs. If your dog is high energy/highly active, rarely listens or sits calmly, has some obedience but needs work, or intentionally ignores commands, 2 weeks of board and train will be the fix.


3 weeks

3 weeks of board and train provides enough time to address more serious problems such as separation anxiety, harming themselves, major dog reactivity, or human reactivity. Does your dog bark excessively when you leave? When in a crate, do they appear to lose all sense of control? Can your dog see or meet another dog without snarling or raising their hackles? Do you dread your dog encountering a new person, or a certain type of person because of how they react? If so, by the end of this board and train you will see a calm, collected, and confident dog who is willing to obey in any environment and no longer causes you anxiety. At the end of this program we include 3 in-home sessions or virtual sessions (phone call/zoom call) to assist with the transfer of training and obedience from us into your home.


4 weeks

If your dog shows signs of aggression, such as attacking other dogs, or biting humans, the 4 week board and train will address these issues. After having your dog for 4 weeks, your dog will be able to meet and interact with other dogs appropriately. You will find your dog is no longer territorial, on edge, or causes fear in you or others. You will feel confident in inviting others to your home, without having to lock up your dog, as well as be able to take your dog out in public, without having to keep everyone at a distance. If you are looking for training regarding scent work, such as Search and Rescue, Bird Hunting, Shed Hunting, etc. by the end of 4 weeks, your dog will be able to track the scent of your choosing and find it successfully. At the end of this program we include 3 in-home sessions or virtual sessions (phone call/zoom call) to assist with the transfer of training and obedience from us into your home.


Puppy Beginnings (3 weeks)

potty training, crate training, basic obedience, socialization, environmentals

Did you just get a new puppy? Are you feeling overwhelmed with chaos? Send us your puppy for 3 weeks and watch the transformation take place. In our Puppy Beginnings Board and Train your new furry companion will become potty trained and crate trained. No more accidents in the house, and peaceful nights rest are at your fingertips! Your puppy will learn basic obedience (sit, down, stay, loose leash, etc.). We focus on socialization and environmentals which builds your puppy’s confidence, helping to avoid fearful and aggressive behaviors in the future. At the end of this program we include 3 in-home sessions or virtual sessions (phone call/zoom call) to assist with the transfer of training and obedience from us into your home.

Bold K9 Solutions goes above and beyond to care for your best friend. Please contact us with any questions you might have about pricing and preparing your dog for their stay with us!